Considering the Risks of Microdosing

Psychedelics are not newly discovered; we have known about them for far too long. However, the demonization of these drugs and their official classification as ‘dangerous’ has halted research for at least 50 years. Imagine how far we would be in the application of these drugs if it hadn’t been declared evilby close-minded establishments.

Ancient cultures consider ingesting psychedelics a spiritual experience. In fact, some cultures have very specific ceremonies as preludes to the actual trip. So, is it completely safe to microdose psilocybin? Or were they rightfully banned? Let’s find out.

The Third Wave of Psychedelics

With the return to psychedelics this century, enthusiasts rejoice that it might finally start getting integrated in mainstream society. However, governments and institutions still seek a reason to discredit a substance that could be a cause for spiritual awakening and conscientiousness. To make sure that the healing properties of this medicine isn’t taken away, we must admit that much more research is needed to understand the mechanism of psychedelics. Let’s take into consideration some of the information we do have.

Physiological Factors

Compared to commonly-used legal substances like tobacco and alcohol, classic psychedelics are some of the safest drugs out there. For one, they do not activate the addiction centers of the brain the way other drugs do. This means that you cannot physically get addicted to this drug.

Besides that, a typical microdose of psychedelics is unlikely to do any physiological harm to the body considering that it is consumed in such a tiny amount.

What we don’t know is the effects of long-term, repeated exposure to the drug. A chronic intake of any substance I bound to change your physiology in some way. And some of those repercussions may be dangerous. Since we don’t have enough data to prove or disprove this theory, it is best to restrain your microdosing to six months at a time.

Psychological Risks

Microdosing is quite a small dose of the psychedelics, and it is unlikely to affect you psychologically in the same way as a macrodose. Therefore, the psychological risks associated with microdosing are also cut by half. However, repeated use over a long period of time can become cause for worry. For instance, although psilocybin isn’t physically addictive, it is possible to get psychologically addicted to it.

Another cause for concern that is considered amongst microdosers is the possibility of inducing mania. Although rare, sometimes psychedelics can make anxiety worse for some people. We would recommend only trying microdosing when you are sure of a healthy state of mind.

Responsible Intake

The best way to view microdosing is as a way to highlight the positive changes we can bring in our everyday lives. We can understand ourselves better and in doing that, become the positive catalyst in our own lives. However, if we want to continue exploring this wonderful substance and its uses, we have to be responsible and accountable users. When you’re ready to start your journey microdosing psychedelics, we have a range of safe products that you’re sure to love.

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