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Mental Health Issues Potentially Addressed With Psychedelics

Mental health issues can cause concern, though concern often leads to solutions. Studies show a potential relationship between psychedelics and mental healh.

What if there was a purely natural treatment for your mental health issues?

Struggling with mental health can be very daunting. It often feels like you float from doctor to doctor and prescription to prescription without seeing a positive change in your quality of life.

However, psychedelics can change all of that. We are uncovering new information about the relationship between psychedelics and mental health each day. And this information can help you live a happier and more natural life.

Wondering how psychedelics can impact your mental health? Keep reading to discover the answers!

What Are Psychedelics?

We’ve put together a comprehensive guide to how psychedelics and mental health work together. Before we go any further, though, it’s important to define what psychedelics actually are.

Generally speaking, psychedelic drugs are psychoactive substances that induce often-pleasant hallucinations among users. These hallucinations form the “trip” the user goes on, which is sometimes referred to as a “mystical” experience (more on this later).

Some of the most famous psychedelics include lysergic acid diethylamide (better known as LSD) and psilocybin (better known as “magic mushrooms”). Users have reported on the therapeutic benefits of these drugs for many years. Unfortunately, the drugs have a bad reputation because of the ways that different governments have classified these substances over the years.

A Safer Substance

On the topic of drugs, most people have a simple question: “what if I become addicted?” Fortunately, that is a non-issue when it comes to psychedelics.

The drugs themselves are not addictive in any way. Despite the profound chemical changes psychedelics can cause in the brain, you will not become chemically addicted. And in some cases, you may reap the benefits for many years after a single mystical trip!

Additionally, psychedelics are not toxic. This means that most users (short of some extreme health issues) can regularly use psychedelics without damaging their bodies. And this alone makes psychedelics much safer to consume than cigarettes or alcohol.

The Power of Psychedelic Therapy

What do you imagine when you think about psychedelics for mental health? Most people think it’s a matter of using the psychedelics on their own and hoping for the best.

However, most of what we know about the benefits of psychedelic drugs for mental health comes from very controlled studies. during these sessions, licensed professionals help prepare the right psychedelic dose and also guide the user through the experience.

In this way, psychedelic therapy is more like “therapy +.” You’re getting all the benefits of a trained professional helping you work through mental health issues. However, psychedelics help you access memories and confront trauma in a healthy way, ultimately helping you heal that much quicker.

Powerful Memories

How do psychedelics help with healing? While psychedelics can impact healing in a number of ways, it is sometimes the memory of the mystical experience that does as much good as the experience itself.

Why is that? It’s because mental health problems often stem from feeling trapped. Someone may get caught in a depressive spiral and simply cannot envision finding their way out of it.

But that’s precisely what happens during psychedelic therapy. On a chemical level, your brain is forced to examine your life, your memories, and your mental health in a way that you never have before.

During the mystical experience, your brain may naturally heal itself. And this process will move more quickly with the help of a trained therapist.

Interestingly, though, you will continue to experience some of these benefits indefinitely. That’s because the powerful memory of your perspective changing underscores a simple fact: there is always a way out, and you need never feel trapped again.

Overcoming Challenges

The notion of using psychedelic drugs for mental health may be surprising. But what is more surprising is how psychedelic therapy typically works.

When a patient has experienced trauma, their natural reaction is to avoid the memories of that trauma. But psychedelic therapy works because it helps the patient and therapist address the problem very directly.

For example, imagine a patient that suffers from PTSD. Typically, memories of what originally caused this PTSD are very unpleasant. But psychedelics help the patient address the problem head-on through the comforting distance of psychedelics.

Best of all, patients may see the results of this therapy pay off far quicker than they imagined. After all, the goal of therapy is to move a person to helpful insights about their life and their experiences. Such insight may take months of regular therapy, but psychedelic therapy can help a patient unlock these insights right away.

Psychedelics and Addiction

Everyone knows about Alcoholics Anonymous. But did you know we may never have had this group without the existence of psychedelics?

That’s because the founder of Alcoholics Anonymous, Bill Wilson, suffered from alcoholism himself. And he was only to embrace sobriety after he experimented with LSD.

In its own way, this is one of the biggest potential benefits of psychedelics. The insights afforded by the “mystical” trip often help put things like addiction in perspective. And these psychedelic trips may do more to treat addiction than conventional medication or therapy.

In fact, one study found that magic mushrooms helped 60% of participants stop smoking. This shows that psychedelics are nearly 3 times more effective at tackling nicotine addiction than traditional drugs such as Champix.

The Mystical Journey

Many psychedelic users describe a “mystical” experience. But what is this experience, and what causes it?

Drugs such as psilocybin effectively shut off a part of your brain. Specifically, it shuts off the “default mode network” that helps us process our lives and days in a typical linear fashion.

Once that is temporarily shut off, your thoughts no longer wander in evenly little rows. In a very literal sense, your mind is free to wander, allowing you to access insights that you may never have had access to before.

In short, the mystical experience is allowing your mind to perform freestyle jazz instead of the prepared music of your daily life.

Psychedelics and Mental Health: What Comes Next?

Now you know about psychedelics and mental health. But do you know where you can learn more?

We are experts in all things psychedelic. To learn more about healthy, plant-based psychedelics, contact us today!

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