Mindful on the Go — The Benefits of Microdosing

Instead of going about a regular day at home and work, how would you like to experience everything… more?

People who microdose on psilocybin report that they are able to do boring, everyday things with increased enjoyment and satisfaction. Whether it’s playing with the kids or getting the groceries with your spouse, you will do it all without a yawn!

Microdosing means the consumption of 1/10th or 1/20th of a normal ‘trip’ dose of a psychedelic substance—in this case, magic shrooms! These mushrooms contain a compound called psilocybin, one of the several different typed of psychedelics.

This imperceptible 10-20 microgram dosage will not make you Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, but it sure will benefit you in more than subtle ways.

So, how can a tiny amount of a chemical be so revolutionary and game-changing?

Improved Mood

Many people gravitate towards microdosing because they want that lift in their mood. Where they felt under the weather every morning, now they wake up with a kick in their step. This sets the tone for their entire day and brings in the positivity.

Boost in Creativity

People in creative fields swear by microdosing. On dry days when no ideas are coming through, microdosing psilocybin can open up new avenues. These artists feel a significant surge in creativity and find new inspiration where there was none before.

Psilocybin could take you somewhere completely new, or you may find yourself finally completing and executing the ideas you have had for ages. It all depends on what mindset you’re going in with.

Better Focus

Do you find yourself getting distracted every few seconds by something new? Microdosing psilocybin gives you the kind of focus you always wanted—razor sharp and unmoving. You can sit down to perform any task, be it work-related or creative, and feel your mind become at one with the job at hand. Many celebrities, musicians, and artists make use of the combination of creativity and focus to create their next big masterpiece!

Assuaging Anxiety and Stress

Psychedelics have shown astounding promise in cutting edge research in brain science. Researchers find that one full dose of psilocybin can assuage anxiety, depression, chronic phobias, and many other kinds of psychological illnesses. One dose—no other drug shows this kind of results and it’s kind of shocking that it was kept out of medical research for so long.

Microdosing magic shrooms takes advantage of these powerful qualities of psilocybin to become a transformative life experience. Keep in mind setting an intention matters a whole lot—a subject we will get into later.

Spiritual Connections

For some, the experience of microdosing can bring out their spiritual side. These people report a higher level of ‘connection’ to their higher self and a heightening of the senses. This can be especially useful to people who are interested in the mystical and the divine.

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