Setting an Intention When Microdosing

Before you begin a task, you already have the end result in mind. You know where you have to go and how you will get there. Setting an intention when microdosing psilocybin is kind of like that—except that you don’t have the end result in mind, just what you want to achieve.

You may have heard that psychedelics are the only drugs that do what you want them to do. If you are still confused about it, you have come to the right page. Let’s delve deeper into what an intention is and how it can help you better your microdosing experience.

Intention vs. Goal

First, let’s differentiate between an intention and a goal. They may be similar in theory, but an intention is more than just passively thinking about a goal. It adds meaning and breathes life into your goals; while a goal would be something specific, persistent, and mainstream. For instance, your goal when microdosing psilocybin could be that you want to change your allopathic medication for a more natural alternative. However, your intention when taking the drug would be completely different: to nurture connections with your loved ones, to bring about positive change in your life, to let go of negative emotions that cause you pain, to get over your past traumas, to embrace change, to seek spiritual growth—or anything that you think is holding you back in life. In other words, an intention is heart-driven and not an entirely rational goal.

Discovering Your Intention

Not everybody is aware of what they want in life. If you want to discover what it is that would heal you spiritually or make your life more meaningful, you should make this your intention: I intend to figure out what how to make my life more spiritual and meaningful.

You can also think about what matters most to you in life, what aspects of life you want growth in, and when you feel the happiest. You could also think about the things you are grateful for, or the thoughts that keep you from growing. Answering all these questions could help pave your way into a happier and more fulfilling future than you could have had before.

Become Effective and Empowered

Setting an intention helps give your thoughts a certain direction once the psychedelic experience has begun. Be specific about your goals in life and you will be able to achieve them better through the magic that is psilocybin.

Moreover, you could also take this opportunity to become more empowered and proud of yourself. You may often find yourself thinking that you aren’t good enough or worthy enough to achieve what you want in life. If this is the case, microdosing psilocybin can help you experience not only the world, but yourself in a different light.

Right before you take your microdose, set a few minutes aside to really think about what you want to accomplish that day. If you are passionate enough about your intention, your day is bound to be eye-opening and spiritually revealing.


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