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The Importance of Set and Setting While Taking Magic Mushrooms

People go for a dose of magic mushrooms when they want to solve a problem or to have a spiritual experience. It has been used for ailments ranging from addictions to phobias, and it has worked in most situations. So, how does a chemical know what you want? Here’s what you need to know about the importance of set and setting when ingesting psilocybin.

Importance of the Set and Setting

The set and setting represent the physical, mental, and environmental context in which you are having the psychedelic experience. Coined by Norman Zinberg, this term has become widely accepted in the fields of psychedelic research and neuroscience. Let us delve into them one by one.

The Set

The ‘set’ is short for the mindset you enter the experience with. To understand it better, let’s call it the mental and physical state you bring with yourself. Psychedelics affect your perceptions and senses by enhancing them to a degree unbeknownst to you. You emotions and state of mind will be amplified; so if you go in stressing about what will happen, there is a chance that those emotions will overcome you.

These substances are known to make you introspect about your deepest problems, especially whatever is bothering you in the moment. If you want to avoid such a thing, stay calm and ride the wave. Let the shrooms take you on an adventure, it knows what it’s doing. You can make a list of things you want to think about when you’re at the peak of the experience—you will notice your thought patterns changing.

Another important thing is to be physically healthy. If you feel that your health isn’t up to the mark, wait for a better time to take a psilocybin dose.

The Setting

The other aspect that has the ability to change your experience is the setting; the physical location of your choosing. If you have an indoor, familiar and safe place to have your experience at, you will be able to relax and be yourself. Make sure you start out in a predictable environment, and then you can step out to the garden or terrace when you feel in control. Make sure there is always a safe place to go to if you feel negative emotion coming in.

The best thing about the setting is that it can completely transform your experience. For instance, if you are feeling like some anxiety is coming in, just put on a fun song and focus on it. You will find that your energies are very easily redirected.

Avoid crowded environments or people you don’t know well. For first-timers, it is ideal to have a trip sitter; a sober person to act as a sort of guide. This should be someone who has macrodosed before and knows the drill.


Before heading into an experience of a lifetime, make sure you follow these guidelines to be safe. Good luck!

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